Hiring any trainer is an investment, you are the best investment you’ll ever make.


Whether you are looking to tick a marathon off your list and need support?


Get into your perfect shape? 


Correct bad posture?


Rehabilitate from an injury? 


Ante & Post natal exercise? 


Team up with a friend? 


Let’s reach those goals together! 


Anything is possible

Personal training

Working with an array of clients, although one may have a different goal the majority require the same thing, guidance support, knowledge & encouragement.

Being a natural motivator I flourish in bringing all of the above to my clients.


I have been described by one of my clients as the most relentless trainer and let me tell you no-one has ever stopped.


We all have to start somewhere, each and every client has progressed at lightening speed! You know why... because they started to believe ! 

What Personal Training with JBF will give you

  • Increased fitness levels 

  • Increased confidence 

  • Healthy eating 

  • Body awareness 

  • Mindset 

  • Correct form 

  • Posture work 

  • Strong core 

  • Lean muscle 

  • Muscle memory - it will last 

  • New routine 

  • Endorphins - feel good hormone 

  • Better sleep 

  • More energy