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Personal training

I believe the ultimate lifestyle change is investing in yourself, creating better habits and connecting with your body!

I empower my clients through exercise and mind set coaching. 

Releasing limitations installing new confidence and higher self esteem. 

Making the body stronger improving quality of life.

I tell all of my clients anything is possible!! 


Let me help you reach your goals.


I love the Pilates practice ultimately for its versatility, it’s suitable for all abilities and ages! Bringing so much joy & benefits to the participants.


Aiding relaxation mindfulness reducing stress and anxiety through breathing methods.


Increasing joint mobility and alignment, muscle length and strength resulting in each participants quality of life dramatically improving.



What our clients are saying about Julia Baxter PT

Dr Rachel Winters

Been training with Julia for over 1 year. Getting Julia as my PT was the best decision ever. I had been talking about it with a friend for a long time. We decided to go for it and had heard through word of mouth how good Julia was. We instantly hit it off with her. She took time to go through our current fitness, medical issues,  what we wanted out of our training and discussed our nutrition. 


I year prior I had a knee injury and had an arthroscopy and cartilage removed. The surgery was unsuccessful so I continued with daily knee pain and was unable to cycle or run. 


Since coming to Julia and her focussing on  knee strengthening my knee is much improved. I can now cycle and run and rarely have pain in my knee.


As well as becoming physically fitter and more toned I also feel I have more energy now. 


Julia has pushed me to levels I didn't think I would get to. In the summer we did Total Warrior together. Prior to training I would not have been able to do it. I loved every minute and am planning my next challenge!


Cannot recommend Julia enough!! Best decision I made. Looking forward to more training :))


Just a thank you for all the effort you have put into my training regime. As you know I started my fitness journey when I was 21 stone 10 pounds as of today I am currently 14 stone 4 pounds. Your constant dedication and determination for me to succeed is evident in my results.


One of the huge benefits I have gained is that, I have had a bad hip injury for 30 years and was in a lot of pain. The stretching exercises and the yoga / Pilates schedule has now, got me to a position of no pain and huge increase of mobility. This is priceless and your efforts to help me to achieve this have changed my whole life. I suppose what makes you different is that your care immensely for your clients and have their best interests at heart.

You actually want them to achieve their goals and fitness aspirations.

Although you put me through my paces. We are lucky on the Wirral to have a world class Personal Trainer on our doorstep.

Wirral chamber

Wirral Chamber is committed to its staff; our people are our Company and we therefore want to ensure we have a happy and healthy workforce.  We approached Julia Baxter of Julia Baxter Fitness to enquire about classes that would encourage and appeal to the majority of the team.  She suggested a combination of Yoga and Pilates – where Julia could focus on core strength, mobility and conditioning – as not everyone will want to be involved in high intensity cardio workouts.’

The take up has been great and our staff love their Thursday after-work Yogalates sessions! Julia has guided and built upon exercises each week and always ensures she gives individual attention to staff as she is conscious people have different fitness levels and abilities.

Patsy Crocker said: ‘Our staff really appreciate this staff benefit.  The take up has built up slowly and people are seeing a real difference in their strength and mobility.  As important is that they have a bit of fun along the way. Julia is an encouraging and inspirational trainer; she instills self-belief in our team and really helps and guides them through the classes.  It is terrific that we have a good mix of men and women.  I would encourage any company to look at a similar session with Julia – it really does have such a positive impact on staff health and wellbeing and morale. Thank you Julia’.

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